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To keep Health Factor safe, and to avoid being liquidated, it is recommended to pay off the debts on time

How to repay the debt?

Step 1. Navigate to the “Borrowed” tab.

All outstanding debts are down in the Borrowed tab at the bottom

Step 2. Click on "Repay" next to the debt you want to pay off.

Select the amount to repay. The “Repay” modal will show your current health state, and estimate your future health factor value based on the amount repaid.

Step 3: Approve the transaction in Metamask.



Keep in mind that while you are going through the flow of debt repayment, you will be charged Borrow APY.

Therefore, you may still have micro debt that has accrued during this short period of time.

To pay off the debt in full, you should repay the remaining micro amount (maybe even several times).