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What is the Orbiter One protocol token?

ORBIT is the native governance token of the Orbiter One protocol. ORBIT can be staked in the Orbiter One staking interface for governance rights and to earn protocol profit.

What is Orbiter One ?

Orbiter One is a lending protocol deployed on Moonbeam.

What can we do on ORBITER ONE?

Users will be able to lend and borrow a multitude of different assets, a list of which will be provided on launch.

How do you choose which assets to support?

In order to be able to safely support an asset, sufficient DEX liquidity and Chainlink Oracle support need to be present.

How frequently will you add new assets?

Periodically, Orbiter One DAO will review and recommend potential token additions.

Is Orbiter One audited?

Orbiter is audited by SOLIDProof.

What does Orbiter One represent?

Orbiter Oneis the overarching brand for both Orbiter One lending protocol Lunar Cash stable coin protocol, and Lunarnaut NFTs.

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