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Orbiter One Protocol allows users to borrow crypto assets, using any other supported asset as collateral.

Once you have made a deposit and included the asset you provided as collateral, you may be able to borrow other supported assets from the protocol.

The maximum available to borrow amount will be based on the value of the supplied collateral.


Before starting, please ensure “collateral” is enabled in the “Supplied” tab.


Keep in mind that each asset has a different collateral factor.

How to borrow the asset?

Step 1. Select an asset from the list of assets you want to borrow.

In these instructions, we will use GLMR token (the native token of Moonbeam network).

Step 2. Navigate to the "Borrow" tab.

Step 3. Select the amount of asset to borrow.

In this step, we show the Health Factor value that will be after the supply transaction.

Step 4. Approve the transaction in Metamask.