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Although there are many opportunities associated with crypto asset lending, it is also reasonable to consider certain implications.

Please read before you venture out into the Orbiter One services.

Safeguarding a stable and reliable protocol is of paramount importanceto the Orbiter One team. Although the best security measures in the world have not been able to restrict hacks in the crypto world and no platform can eliminate all manners of risk (e.g. contract risk, human error), the team is committed to following industry best practices. This page intends to make the risks clear so users can make informed decisions before moving forward.

Only invest what you can afford to lose

Loss of funds can be devastating. When using our products, you must follow the golden rule: only invest what you can afford to lose.

DeFi contains an inherent risk of loss

DeFi lending platforms are completely decentralized, and transactions are handled by code rather than by people. Anyone can access the protocols on a decentralized lending platform, which makes them completely transparent, as nothing can be hidden on the blockchain. Nevertheless, users should always be aware of the inherent risks involved with using DeFi tools and interacting with smart contracts outside the platform.

Although an audit is expected to coincide with the post-launch of the Orbiter One platform, users should realize the significance of the smart contract risks connected with experimental DeFi protocols. Users should be aware of the risk of losses when interacting with the platform at all times.

DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

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