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ORB Token is a token that is used within the Orbiter One ecosystem. ORB Token is a multichain token minted on the Moonbeam, Arbitrum, and zkSync networks. ORB Token is an intermediary with a singular purpose: to serve as the exclusive method for minting Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade governance NFTs. ORB Tokens are deflationary and do not possess governance rights.

The token addresses for ORB Token are:

NameContract Address
Arbitrum One0xB1ee770e7042C79cA373654bA328098C41eb1422

How to Buy ORB Token?

Initially, users can buy or sell ORB Token only on the Moonbeam network, using However, ORB Token can be easily bridged between Moonbeam, Arbitrum, and zkSync networks with Orion Bridge ( This allows users to participate in the Orbiter One lottery and mint Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs, also referred to as Whiskers NFTs.

In the future, ORB Token will also be supported by farms on Moonbeam, Arbitrum, and zkSync, providing liquidity on these chains as well.

How to Earn ORB Token?

There are multiple ways to earn ORB Tokens within the Orbiter One ecosystem, including lending and borrowing, participating in ORB Token farms, staking Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs, and engaging in community activities. These incentives aim to encourage user participation and foster a thriving, engaged community around the Orbiter One platform. By offering multiple avenues for earning ORB Tokens, the project aims to promote diverse user engagement and reward early adopters for their contributions to the platform's growth and success.

Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs

Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs, or Whiskers NFTs, will be minted exclusively on the Moonbeam network. They play a significant role in Orbiter One governance. Initially, Whiskers will serve as the primary method for governance. Minting is conducted on Moonbeam network using ORB Tokens.

There will be a total of 10,000 Whiskers NFTs created, comprising 9,000 for community minting, 500 reserved for the team, and 500 for strategic partnerships and ecosystem rewards. It costs 1,000 ORB Tokens to mint 1 Whisker NFT.

During the early incentives program, Whiskers NFTs can be staked to earn ORB Tokens and 70% of Orbiter One fees. After the ORBIT token genesis, Whiskers NFT stakers' fee earnings will be reduced to 5%. NFT stakers will also receive an ORBIT token airdrop, which, when used alongside Whiskers NFTs on Orbiter One, provides an enhanced user experience.