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Discover Orbiter One's unique token distribution and the role of Whiskers NFTs in governance

Orbiter One is thrilled to unveil our early incentives program, highlighting the ORB Token crafted explicitly for minting our Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs, the governance NFTs of Orbiter One. This program's primary objective is to reward our earliest users while fostering a thriving and engaged community around our protocol.

The ORB Token: Your Exclusive Pass to Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs

The ORB token is an intermediary with a singular purpose: to serve as the exclusive method for minting Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade governance NFTs. ORB Tokens are deflationary and do not possess governance rights. These rights are reserved for Whiskers NFTs and the yet-to-be-released ORBIT tokens. For approximately nine months, early Orbiter One users will receive ORB Tokens as incentives through various methods.There are multiple ways to earn ORB tokens within the Orbiter One ecosystem, including lending and borrowing, participating in ORB token farms, staking Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs, and engaging in community activities. These incentives aim to encourage user participation and foster a thriving, engaged community around the Orbiter One platform. By offering multiple avenues for earning ORB tokens, the project aims to promote diverse user engagement and reward early adopters for their contributions to the platform's growth and success.

Refined ORB Token Distribution

The ORB Token allocation is as follows, totaling 10 million:

  1. 5 million for lending/borrowing incentives, distributed across the following networks:
  • Arbitrum - 2 million ORB
  • zkSync - 1.75 million ORB
  • Moonbeam - 1.25 million ORB
  1. 3 million reserved for GLMR/ORB & ETH/ORB LP farms, lasting approximately nine months

  2. 1 million reserved as rewards for staking Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs

  3. 20,000 ORB tokens for creating the initial LP on Beamswap, treated as a “stealth launch"

  4. 980,000 ORB tokens for community giveaways and strategic partnerships

FunORB Lottery

The FunORB Lottery occurs once a week, enabling Orbiter One users to buy "lottery tickets" with ORB tokens (and later, ORBIT tokens). The tickets contain random numbers that determine the winners, and the prize pot is based on the total number of lottery tickets purchased. After each lottery, unclaimed ORB tokens and those used for fees are half sold for GLMR and added to the ORB/GLMR LP on, followed by LP token burning.

Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade NFTs: The Core of Orbiter One Governance

Intergalactic Whiskers NFTs play a pivotal role in Orbiter One governance. Initially, these NFTs will be the exclusive method for implementing governance on Orbiter One. Once ORBIT tokens are released, Whiskers will hold 10% of Orbiter One governance rights: 1 Whisker NFT equates to 1000 ORBIT Tokens in voting power. Minting will be conducted on Moonbeam using ORB Tokens.A total of 10,000 NFTs will be created: 9,000 for community minting, 500 reserved for the team, and 500 for strategic partnerships and ecosystem rewards. Minting 1 Whisker NFT will cost 1,000 ORB Tokens.During the early incentives program, Whiskers can be staked to earn ORB Tokens and 70% of Orbiter One fees (until the ORBIT token genesis, after which Whiskers NFT stakers' fee earnings will be reduced to 5%). NFT stakers will receive an airdrop of ORBIT tokens, which can be used on Orbiter One alongside Whiskers NFTs for an enhanced user experience.

Cultivating a Fun and Engaging Community

The Orbiter One incentives program is designed to create an enjoyable and motivating environment for our protocol's early users, offering them the opportunity to acquire exclusive assets. Our ambition for the Intergalactic Whiskers Brigade is to become the premier NFT community with governance and income rights to a lending protocol. We encourage our early users to mint Whiskers NFTs with their earned ORB Tokens.As the program evolves, we will continue to develop new utilities for the Whiskers NFTs. By nurturing an engaging community, we strive to promote the growth and success of Orbiter One and its innovative approach to decentralized finance.